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It started as a dream back in 2017: build and inspire a community of leaders and organizations prepared and enthusiastic about a future where exponential technologies solve humanity’s biggest problems.
And with this common dream, a group of completely different yet completely aligned and committed organizations joined forces to build SingularityU Portugal.

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We’re exposing more and more people to a network of leaders and breakthrough content that have the power to impact the way we live and work, while broadcasting back to the world leading edge Portuguese research and innovation breakthroughs. Join us and be apart of this ecosystem of people and organizations who are walking the talk.
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SingularityU Executive Program Portugal

Feel the urgency to innovate? Struggling on the “how”? Have a mind-blowing experience at the SingularityU Executive Program Portugal, a program designed for corporations, entrepreneurs, development organizations, governments, investors and academic institutions who feel the same. Our world-class faculty will give a unique perspective, the tools and resources to help you achieve the mindset for a transformational journey into the future.

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Shift your thinking at the SingularityU Portugal and shape the future

Mind-blowing Programs

Designed to empower visionary leaders and individuals with an abundance mindset. Understand the recent major innovations and the implications they have on your business, society and our future.

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Hear from world experts in exponential technologies and learn what the implications are for you. You’ll also discover the cutting edge of technological progress taking place right here in Portugal.

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Be part of this movement to inspire thinkers and doers to shape the future of Portugal and drive global impact. Discuss how exponential technologies will impact the way we live and work. Get to know and be inspired by SingularityU’s community at our events.

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SingularityU Portugal

Designed to empower your vision, your business, our world.


Supermassive Event – da tecnologia exponencial ao impacto exponencial 

Supermassive Event – da tecnologia exponencial ao impacto exponencial  Nos dias 27 e 28 de outubro chega o Supermassive Event, com foco nas tecnologias exponenciais ...

Supermassive Event no centro dos eventos para o desenvolvimento estratégico e sustentável

Ajudar a escrever o futuro das empresas, das organizações, de Portugal. in, Jornal Económico

Nova SBE recebe três eventos internacionais ainda neste ano

Supermassive event entre os principais eventos internacionais a realizar na Nova SBE ainda em 2022, in Diário Económico

David Roberts: «Exponential leaders don’t try to change the world. They change themselves»

David Roberts, Singularity University’s speaker, was the star of another SingularityU Cascais Lisbon Chapter Exponential Generation dedicated to younger people, which took place at Nova ...
“O potencial da blockchain é ilimitado”

“O potencial da blockchain é ilimitado”

Pode uma árvore ter uma identidade própria e contratar pessoas para tratar de si? Para uns é um cenário utópico, mas para Rutger van Zuidam ...
O sentido da transformação digital: do ponto à forma

O sentido da transformação digital: do ponto à forma

Enfrentemos corajosa e estrategicamente o digital, incluindo-o nos processos de decisão o quanto antes. Vemos muitas vezes empresas aprenderem mais com o processo do que ...


Who’s with us since the beginning

Meet our Founding Partners

Building the Portuguese incarnation of Singularity University has been made possible by the support of three remarkable Founding Partners, each of them a key player on their field, that are committed since day one on helping SingularityU Portugal spread the exponential mindset throughout the country.